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You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram and view some of his snapshots from Iran on his Tumblr page. The average person on the street is fascinated with foreigners — and this fascination extends to Americans. In particular, Iranians want to know what visitors think of Iranian food, culture, people, customs and insane traffic. Iranians are extremely friendly, warm and hospitable and like nothing more than inviting guests into their homes for a meal. Tehran has must-see tourist attractions — such as the walled Golestan Palace — museums, restaurants and coffee shops. Women wear hijabs.

Iran government dating website

Ancient Iran , also known as Persia , historic region of southwestern Asia that is only roughly coterminous with modern Iran. Parsa was the name of an Indo-European nomadic people who migrated into the region about bc. During the rule of the Persian Achaemenian dynasty — bc , the ancient Greeks first encountered the inhabitants of Persis on the Iranian plateau, when the Achaemenids—natives of Persis—were expanding their political sphere.

Despite the current economic downturn, the online dating industry continues to β-thalassaemia carrier detection is mandatory for couples in Iran and several.

In Hamedan province, a senior ayatollah recently warned unmarried public workers to find a spouse within a year or risk losing their jobs. A gentler approach, announced in January, is the launch of a matchmaker website which, the government hopes, could lead to as many as , marriages. For those who fret about such things, there is much to stoke concern. The traditional family unit is falling apart in Iran, as elsewhere: around one in three marriages in the capital, Tehran, fails.

The Shia form of Islam practiced in Iran allows sigheh , or temporary marriage that can last for as little as an hour. The government would prefer more durable pairings, however.

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Website founder Saïd Amin considers what a government-backed dating site might look like. And, he asks, will anyone use it? As the founder of.

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Iran’s first official matchmaking site has gone online to encourage the country’s millions of singles to marry. It is part of an effort by Tehran to nearly double its population and stem a fall in marriages. The hamsan. It is aimed at combating marriage fatigue among young Iranians feeling hamstrung by economic factors as well as a conservative society with strict social conventions.

The aim is to facilitate , marriages over the next 12 months. The government has stressed that it is not a dating website – which are banned in Iran – but that it will operate by using a network of matchmakers – clerics and professionals with a good reputation, such as doctors and teachers – to try to pair people off. As well as stating their hobbies and level of education, those looking for the perfect match have to state their religion, and women have to say what their preferred type of Islamic dress is.

If a potential match is found, family meetings and psychological testing ensue to try to ensure the two are compatible.

Iran’s regime-approved matchmaking website promotes dating with traditional values

Iran has asked India to take immediate steps to evacuate Indians from the Islamic country which has seen the highest number of casualties due to coronavirus outbreak outside China, where the disease originated. The note follows reports that India had temporarily suspended all flights to and from Iran on Friday. More than Indians in Iran and over Iranians were reported to be affected by the flight restriction. The note says Iran expects India to also facilitate transfer of Iranian nationals to their parent country.

There are additional dress requirements at certain religious sites. Women may be asked to put on a chador (a garment that covers the whole body except the face)​.

Wenn Sie fortfahren, nehmen wir an, dass Sie mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf der Webseite waldrapp. Earlier this year, Golzari said he hoped the site would create “, marriages” and thus “solve the problem of marriage amongst young people”. Run by the Islamic Development Organisation, which promotes conservative Houston values, the website does not allow users to upload pictures or view the attitude of potential matches, with all matchmaking done by officials.

Under Iran’s strict site of Sharia law, sex outside marriage is illegal, however sites of dating websites have sprung up, including sites offering nice marriages known as marriage, reports the BBC. The government has recently launched a series of sites designed to boost the country’s birthrate, including scrapping the provision of free contraceptives, and providing financial imperatives to encourage people to marry. It is believed that the economic downturn caused in marriage by international sanctions has made the cost of marriage prohibitive for many Iranians.

Love and Marriage, Iranian Style

Its central location in Eurasia and proximity to the Strait of Hormuz give it significant geostrategic importance. Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations , [16] [17] beginning with the formation of the Elamite kingdoms in the fourth millennium BC. It was first unified by the Iranian Medes in the seventh century BC, [18] and reached its territorial height in the sixth century BC, when Cyrus the Great founded the Achaemenid Empire , which stretched from Eastern Europe to the Indus Valley , making it one of the largest empires in history.

An Iranian rebellion established the Parthian Empire in the third century BC, which was succeeded in the third century AD by the Sasanian Empire , a major world power for the next four centuries.

Dating back prior to the War of , Secretary of the Treasury Gallatin administered You should refer to the legal section of OFAC’s website for the regulations an Iranian financial institution, or the Government of Iran, unless otherwise.

Ruins of the adobe brick citadel and mountains in Kerman Province in southeastern Iran. History of Iran Wikipedia’s main page about Iran’s history, it is part of a series on the History of Iran. Panoramic view from Badab-e Surt stepped travertine terraces, the terraces are formed by two mineral hot springs in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran. Image: M Reza Samaee. Location map of Iran click on the map to enlarge. Flag of Iran. Mount Damavand in the Elburz mountains is a potentially active stratovolcano and the highest mountain in Iran.

Image: Arad Mojtahedi. Background: Iran is historically known as Persia. The Persian Empire was one of the greatest empires of the ancient world with a series of imperial dynasties. The empire also was frequently invaded, first by Alexander the Great, then by the Parthians, later ruled by the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire.

Iran to Combat ‘Immoral’ Dating With Official Marriage Site

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Multiple sources present claim that while some of those detained were held, in certain cases for up to 10 hours , CBP confiscated some of their phones, ordered them to hand over their social media passwords, and questioned them about their political views and social media activity. As stand-alone incidents, such reported treatment of US citizens and travelers is disturbing.

But what makes this more acutely alarming is the fact that this experience is becoming increasingly common. She is an expert on human rights in the digital age, focusing on developments in the US and Asia. In several recent cases , immigration authorities and other government officials have abused their powers by seemingly vetting travelers for their political views and monitoring peaceful protesters, civic groups, and journalists.

Separately, in March , leaked documents revealed that CBP had created a list of 59 US and foreign immigration activists, journalists, lawyers, and Facebook group administrators who would be targeted for greater scrutiny at the US—Mexico border. These are clear affronts to the First Amendment protected activities of free speech and the freedoms to peacefully associate and assemble. Individuals who know their online activity is being tracked may be less likely to participate in political and social organizations, while authorities could use access to this information to suppress nonviolent demonstrations before they even begin.

This kind of invasive surveillance is growing at an astonishing rate. Multiple journalists have been caught up in these searches and have reported that border agents combed messages with journalistic sources in at least one case. For both journalists and ordinary travelers alike, the increased likelihood of having phones searched and social media analyzed could incentivize self-censorship if they fear their speech could be used against them.

Unchecked monitoring can also disproportionately affect religious and ethnic minorities. In another alarming example , a Palestinian student who had been admitted to Harvard University had his visa temporarily revoked after CBP searched his electronic devices and questioned him about political content posted by other users on his social media timeline.

Swiping right in the Islamic republic as Tinder takes off in Tehran

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Please refresh the page and retry. T he psychologist delivered a stern warning about the dangers of Western romantic habits. Tebyan is a dating website with a difference. Profile pictures are forbidden and parents must accompany would-be couples on their first dates. The aim of this website is to use Islamic principles to get single young people together. The regime frowns on Western ideas like dating and this website is part of its campaign to keep strict controls in place.

Sex outside wedlock is illegal in Iran, but many young people are shunning the idea of getting married. The number of births per woman of child-bearing age has fallen from 7 in to 1. Dating websites like Tinder are banned in Iran, but about unofficial dating websites are believed to exist. She made clear that a boy with good morals but no education would not be good enough.

Ms Lofti attends compulsory classes on marriage at her university.

Iran: Internet dating website launched by state

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Ancient Iran, historic region of southwestern Asia that is only roughly to the region as Iran, “Land of the Aryans,” and in the government of Iran This tool tradition, probably dating to the period 12, to 10, bc, marks the at such western Iranian sites as Āsīāb, Gūrān, Ganj Dareh (Ganj Darreh), and Ali Kosh.

Iran launched its first official matchmaking website on Monday, expecting to increase the number of marriages by , in a year. June 16, In Iran, where religious officials encourage early marriage, and long-term dating relationships frustrate clerics and officials, matchmaking is not personal — it’s a matter of state. In a bid to encourage millions of Iranian singles to marry and increase a low population growth rate, Iran on Monday launched its first official matchmaking website.

Golzari emphasized. Applicants will submit their detailed personal information to the site and then matchmakers will find the best fit for them, he explained. Eleven million of Iran’s 80 million citizens are bachelors under 30, and the matchmaking website is a part of a larger official effort in Iran to reduce this number and increase birthrates. Iran has pursued an effective birth control program for over two decades.

India to evacuate stranded citizens from coronavirus-hit Iran

With a high rate of divorce among a large, youthful population, authorities in Iran have stepped in to play Cupid with the launch of a state-run internet dating website. The vast majority occur between couples under 30 – the age group which makes up most of country’s population. It is a statistic which is worrying officials. Announcing the plan earlier this year, Mahmoud Golrazi, the deputy minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, said he hoped the new site would help create “, marriages” and thus “solve the problem of marriage amongst young people”.

It was a bold claim, but a sign of the government’s determination the reverse the trend. Hidden profiles.

Cancer survivor Michael White was released Thursday from Iranian custody. Michael White, 48, left Tehran on a Swiss government plane headed to Zurich, to on a dating website, was on his way back to the United States.

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Iran Starts Matchmaking Through Gov’t Website