Converse All Star Chuck Taylor – Grey Leather – Men’s US 11

The Converse All-Star debuted in as an athletic sneaker. It quickly became the number one shoe for basketball, then a relatively new sport basketball was invented by James Naismith in , but the NBA wasn’t founded until By the late s, most of the NBA sported Chucks. They remain the best-selling basketball shoes of all time, even though very few people wear them for basketball anymore. The company started in as a rubber shoe company that produced galoshes. In the s, when the company tried to introduce All-Stars that were more comfortable and had slightly fewer design inconsistencies, hardcore aficionados rebelled. The company went back to making a slightly imperfect shoe.

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Buy Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox and other Fashion Sneakers at model number: M; Department: Mens; Date First Available: September 25,​.

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At the time of his initiative, adults rarely wore sneakers, and kids mostly wore one brand: black or white high-top Converse All Stars with rubber circles on the an-.

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The design of the Chuck Taylor All Star has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in the s. The shoe consists of a stitched upper portion, a toe cap that is usually made of white rubber, and a sole that is usually made of brown rubber. Although Chuck Taylors are made of various materials such as leather, the original and most widely known version of the shoe is made from cotton canvas.

Release Date: Converse All-Star Dickies – Navy. 03/01/ Converse All-Star Dickies Classic Boot Dark Navy $ Converse.

Midsoles are constructed entirely of Crater foam, molded specifically to fit a traditional last. Uppers are made of a new material called Morphlon, which combines recycled polyester with post-industrial textile waste scraps for a classic canvas-style feel. New stitched patterns on the heel, midfoot, and pull tab-equipped collar add a dash of extra sauce. Looking for more masterfully sustainable kicks from the greater Nike umbrella?

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Converse’s New Chuck Taylors Look Like Nike’s ‘Space Hippie’

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Launching next week, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Crater uses recycled polyester and post-industrial textile waste scraps to reinvent the.

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Classic Converse lace up plimsole trainer with full rubber toe shell, canvas upper with tonal metal eyelet detailing on the inner side. All Star logo on heel and outstep. Product Care: To maintain appearance we recommend removing any light marks with a clean and damp sponge or cloth. We aim to process all returns within 7 days of us receiving the goods back in our warehouse. To avoid delays please make sure that you fill out your returns form in full before sending your items back to us.

Although the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor high top basketball shoe has remained virtually unchanged since Chuck Taylor made his modifications in their​.

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To download hi-res images, click here. He recalls: “When I was a young boy around 10 years old I saw these incredible pink boots being worn by some of my favorite players in the world. I wanted those boots so badly, I begged my parents to get some and they told me that if I worked really hard and did well at school for long enough I could get these beautiful boots.

Converse Heads to the Moon with the Chuck Taylor All Star Crater: A Nike Space Hippie-inspired take on the most classic athletic sneaker of all.

Founded in by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company started out as a specialist in winterised rubber-soled shoes and boots. Within a few years, the firm had branched out into the athletic footwear market, at first targeting sports such as tennis, netball and football at the time, Spalding had the basketball beat covered.

Taylor, who as an active high school basketball player had developed a penchant for Converse All Stars, talked his way into a job at the company in as an ambassador and salesman. If you were a coach and you wanted to find a job, you called Chuck Taylor. Athletic directors talked to him all the time when they were looking for a coach. The ventilation eyelets were added in the same year.

11 Surprising Facts About Chuck Taylors