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Date of issue Used in the context of bonds to refer to the date on which a bond is issued and when interest beings to accrue to the bondholder. Used in the context of stocks to refer to the date trading begins on a new stock issued to the public. The date on which a company or government makes a new issue of securities to the public. It is also called the offering date. The date on which interest begins to accrue on a bond or other fixed-income security. If one buys a fixed-income security between issue dates, one must compensate the seller for all interest that has accrued in addition to the purchase price.

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It goes without saying that a principle objective of both the MHRA and of pharmaceutical companies is to protect and improve the health of patients. When new information about the benefits and risks of a medicine become available it is often appropriate to make changes to the safety information for the product, including the patient information leaflet, so that healthcare professionals and patients are able to use the medicine correctly on the basis of full and comprehensive information.

There is often a complex chain of events leading to the provision of this information to patients. Starting in the Good Pharmacovigilance Practice GPvP realm, triggers for updates may be identified by pharmacovigilance staff and the corresponding variations submitted by regulatory affairs staff, who will also receive notification of variation approval.

Date of submission of draft to the Member State expert group Therefore, medicinal products that have been certified for release by a QP without including the.

The guide is targeted at qualified persons conducting or supervising environmental site assessments for the purpose of submitting and filing a record of site condition, but may also be useful for those retaining qualified persons, such as property owners, who wish to have a record of site condition filed. While the guide does describe and comment on requirements for environmental site assessments, readers are cautioned that this guide contains selective and general information only, and readers may not rely on its contents as accurately or completely setting out requirements which may apply in any particular case.

Nor must this guide be taken as legal or other professional advice. Where the guide differs in any way from applicable legislation, the legislation prevails. The conduct of an environmental site assessment and the obtaining of, and acting on, appropriate professional advice while doing so is, and remains, the sole responsibility of those involved with the environmental site assessment.

The requirements for environmental site assessments ESAs completed to support the filing of a record of site condition RSC have changed. Some of these changes will affect you if you are a property owner, developer, lender, municipality, or qualified person QP. Further changes to ESAs will occur as of July 1, Section Generally, the components of a phase one ESA are the same as in the previous version of the Regulation and are as follows: records review; interviews; site reconnaissance; review and evaluation; phase one ESA report preparation; and delivery of the report to the owner.

However, the Regulation contains more detailed descriptions of what each of these “components” includes. For various components, there are also requirements and objectives. The more detailed rules regarding ESAs are described in the Regulation as requirements. Both objectives and requirements are important.

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While not directly following his father’s career path he certainly has racing in his veins. One year later there was a child motorcycle in my dad’s motorcycle shop. He said when I can push the bike I will be allowed to ride it. So I tried but unfortunately I knocked over the bike. Even though I knocked it over I was allowed to ride the bike. So I rode in the fields often.

7 – On the dating of Commandino’s teaching activity in Urbino, see Martin Frank, Dating. Federico sixth proposition of the Quadrature of the Parabola (QP.6).

Here we have quite something special and different! It’s a modern interpretation of a design initially dating from ! It can be best described as delicate, subdued and stylish! The 36 mm large watch stands out with its oversized crown, which is positioned at 3 o’clock. The ensemble is legible and clean, yet vintage, thus making it a homage to the brands heritage. We took this shot of the rugged Oris Aquis Date, a fully functional watch that doesn’t compromise on style and feels very much at home far beneath the water surface!

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For U. In fact, based on their background, expertise, and legal context, QPs can help expedite the clinical timeline by de-risking unexpected regulatory hurdles that may arise with early-stage novel compounds and complex technology transfers and supply chains, and they can add value when engaged early on. Therefore, it is imperative to demystify the role of the QP, learn their terminology, and understand what they can and cannot do, in support of Phase 1 clinical trials in the EU.

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Your Breitling watch is a complex instrument. While we recommend that you have it serviced regularly by an authorized service center, the Breitling user manual for your watch has been created to help you understand your watch and all its functions, ensuring that it will deliver high level performance for many years. Our user manuals offer tips on how to care for your watch and to protect it from environmental disturbances.

These manuals also address the characteristics that make your Breitling watch special: its movement, its functions, and its features. Professional Instruments for professionals. Chronomat Chronomat. Navitimer Navitimer. Superocean Heritage Style at sea. Avenger Avenger. Superocean Superocean. Premier Urban elegance.

Aviator 8 Aviation pioneer.


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Passarelli; Miguel A. Basei; Oswaldo Siga Jr. Sproesser; Vasco A. It provides reliable and accurate results in age determination of superposed events. However, the open-system behavior such as Pb-loss, the inheritance problem and metamictization processes allow and impel us to a much richer understanding of the power and limitations of U-Pb geochronology and thermochronology. Since , the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Isotopic Geology focus the study of the Earth’s geologic processes, dealing with themes such as plate tectonics, plutonism, volcanism, sedimentary rocks, tectono-thermal evolution, and more recently environmental studies.

CPGeo gathers modern laboratories installed inan area of m 2 and is equipped with seven mass spectrometers for radiogenic and stable isotope analysis. The method is considered one of the most precise among the isotopic techniques available for U-Th-Pb geochronology of accessory minerals, because it is relative insensitive to chemical yields or mass spectrometric sensitivity Parrish and Noble , and is therefore largely used by the scientific community.

According to Kosler and Sylvester the in situ U-Pb geochronology was introduced ca. TIMS analyses, comparatively to SIMS analyses, have the advantage of producing high-precision U-Pb data, being specifically important when dating superposed events or even a single crystal, in order to define crystallization ages. However, ion microprobe analysis has the advantage of higher spatial resolution, allowing analysis of complex zoned crystals and fast data acquisition.

Countless works in the literature show the pros and cons of TIMS and SIMS, which are, in a broad sense, complementary techniques and the application of one or another will depend on the geological problem to be solved.

The EU Qualified Person (QP) Demystified: Fool-Proofing Your EU Phase 1 Trial

DateParserPlugin :. With the DateParserPlugin , users can use date queries such as:. Normally, as with other types of queries containing spaces, the users need to quote date queries containing spaces using single quotes:. If you use the free argument to the DateParserPlugin , the plugin will try to parse dates from unquoted text following a date field prefix:.

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The Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit ORAU is dedicated to undertaking and supporting high quality research through the application of radiocarbon dating. The Unit’s policy is to provide its research collaborators and other clients with the standard of radiocarbon dating service they require, based on scientific rigour and carried out in accordance with the best practices defined by international research in this area.

To this end the Unit is engaged in continuous research and methodological development. The Unit works to continually improve the quality and efficiency of the dating service provided. The Unit is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements, including ISO , and all relevant health and safety legislation including radiation and biohazard. The Director takes overall responsibility for the quality of the work undertaken at the Unit.

However, the implementation of this Quality Policy is the responsibility of every member of staff and they must be familiar with this policy and with the detailed procedures and other documentation which are relevant to their area of work within the Unit. Quality objectives are determined and implemented to help drive continuous improvement. They include a plan stating what will be done, when it should be completed, the resources that will be required, who will be responsible and how the outcomes will be evaluated.

Objectives and the relevance of this quality policy are reviewed twice a year.

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The Maserati Quattroporte is a four-door full-size luxury sports saloon produced by Italian automobile manufacturer Maserati. The name translated from Italian.

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